CHEM 2400 Lecture 1: SET 1

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CHEM 2400
Shanbhag Venkatesh

SET 1 Organic Chemistry The branch of chemistry which deals with carbon compounds, including those with no relationship to life. Saturated Hydrocarbon Contain only only carbontocarbon single bonds. The most chemically inert of all organic compounds. Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Contain carbontocarbon double or triple bonds. Carbon An element that has the capacity to share four electrons in order to achieve a more stable configuration. Hydrocarbon Molecule Contains only carbon and hydrogen. Can be divided into aliphatic and aromatic classes. Substituted Hydrocarbon One or more hydrogen atoms are replaced by another atom or group of atoms called a Functional Group. Aliphatic Hydrocarbon A saturated hydrocarbon that contains only hydrogen (the maximum number) and carbon. Does not contain benzene ring. Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contain at least one benzene ring or similar structural features. Benzene Consists of a ring of six carbon atoms with alternating single and double carboncarbon bonds. Alkanes (CnH2n+2) Cycloalkanes (CnH2n) Structural Isomerism Compounds that have identical molecular formulas but different structures. Cistrans Isomerism The formation of cistrans isomers is a consequence of the absence of free rotation. Geometric isomers that only differ from each other in the 3dimensional arrangement of the substituents in space. They have identical bonding and substituents. Alkane Saturated hydrocarbons (containing only carbontocarbon single bonds); derivatives of methane. Noted by the suffix ane and sometimes by the prefix cyclo Alkene Unsaturated hydrocarbons containing at least one carbontocarbon double bond. Noted by the suffix ene Alkyne
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