CHEM 2400 Lecture 2: SET 2

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CHEM 2400
Shanbhag Venkatesh

SET 2 Alkanes entirely single bonds between carbons and hydrogens Alkenes has a double bond and sp2 hybridization between some C and hydrogens Alkynes has a triple bond between some carbon and hydrogens, sp hybridized What is the difference between benzene aromatic compound and toluene compound? Toluene has a methyl added to one of the Carbons in the ring What determines a dipole moment? It is determined by the magnitude and direction of the individual bond dipole moments. It is determined by vector quantities. True or False, Cis and Trans isomers have the same dipole moments? False, they have different physical properties including their dipole moments What do functional groups typically contain? They typically contain multiple bonds, unshared pairs of electrons, and noncarbon atoms usually where the reaction take place Name 5 different Alkyl groups. Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl, isobutyl What is the Methyl group? Me CH3 What is the Ethyl group? Et CH3CH2 What is the Propyl group? Pr CH3CH2CH2 What is the Butyl group? Bu CH3CH2CH2CH2 What is the Isobutyl group? iBu CH3CH2CH () CH3 What is a Phenyl group? Ph C6H5 What is a Benzyl gropu? Bn C6H5CH2 it is a phenyl group with a methylene group attached What is a primary carbon haloalkane? It is an alkyl halide with the R group and two Hs on the carbon baring the haloatom
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