ACC 261 Lecture 3: Beethoven

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11 Feb 2017
Beethoven's history: 1770 - 1802
Part 1 of our Beethoven timeline follows the story of the composer's birth to his
Symphony no. 2.
1770: Beethoven is born
17 December: Beethoven is baptised in the church of St Remigius, Bonn. The date of his birth is not recorded, but since it was customary for
baptisms to take place within 24 hours of birth, it is likely he was born on 16 December.
24 December: Beethoven's beloved grandfather, Kapellmeister Ludwig van Beethoven, dies.
8 April: Beethoven's brother Caspar Carl baptised.
2 October: Beethoven's brother Nikolaus Johann baptised.
1778: Beethoven's first public appearance
26 March: Beethoven's first known public performance, in Cologne. His father advertised his age as six years, although he was in fact seven,
probably to draw favourable comparisons with the child prodigy Mozart. He played 'various clavier concertos and trios'.
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