CAMS UA 101- Autism Spectrum Disorders Notes

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New York University
Child/Adoles Mental Hlth Stds
Jess Shatkin

Pervasive developmental disorders or Autism Spectrum Disorders not otherwise specifiedASDs characterized impairment inreciprocal social interaction skillscommunication and language skillspresence of stereotyped behavior interests and activitiesgeneral evident within first few years of lifeassociated with MR diverse group of medical conditions stereotype repetitive thingHistory of Autismautistic children were historically though to have schizophrenia1943 Leo Kanner first to describe early infantile autism distinctive from psychosisautism self centeredKanner blamed autism on refrigerator cold mothersAspergers syndrome1944 Hans Asperger described autistic psychopathy in 4 kidsAspergers high functioning autismtaken out of DSM V bc Aspergers cant be distinguished from high functioning on the autism spectrumMythsnever make eye contact show affection or smileinside is a normalgenius waiting to come outdont speak but could if they wanted todont relate to peersadults dont want friendsmanipulative and selfishemotional disorderautism cant be outgrownAutismenters DSM 3 1980continuity with other disorders changes in symptoms with age infrequency large range hinders diagnosisin most cases there is no period of unequivocally normal developmentAutism is a biological disorder with multiple etiologiesno single cause or cureno biological markerno evidence of parenting defects or emotionally caused autismCurrent researchabnormalities in chromosome 12q11q13mechanisms underlying expression of abnormalities behavioral expressions of autismstructural and functional abnormalities of the brainAutism GeneFXR11020 of kids with fragile x have autismCopy Number Variations CNV higher numbers of errors in DNA replicationmirror neurons active when someone performs a task or watches someone else perform a similar tasktheorized to be important for understanding the actions of others and for learning skills by imitationperhaps autistic children have decreasing mirror neuron activityTheory of Mind minds are separateautistic children believe that we all have the same interests
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