CAMS UA 101- Bipolar Disorder Notes Illustrated

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Child/Adoles Mental Hlth Stds
Jess Shatkin

Bipolar Disorder Notespdf598 KBKraepelin mania in teensmania in adultsoccurs rarely in childrenpsychoanalytic theory children lacked higher level cognitive structures required for bipolar disorder2060 of bipolar adults recalled having symptoms prior to age 191020 recalled having symptoms prior to age 10Bipolar vs ADHD often wondered in children199495 to 20023 pediatric bipolar has 40x increaseepidemiology clinical samples 0615 community 1bipolar 1Bipolar 2NOScyclothymiature bipolar in adolescents1boys more so than girls until adolescencemain question what does bipolar disorder look like in childrendid we make a mistake in diagnosis before or have we overshotis this just kids being kids what is normal what is abnormalchallenge of applying BP criteria to kids harder to separate normal from abnormal wide range in behaviors in childrendifferent expectations for kidsusing DSM criteria almost never find bipolar in kidsdepression might be the earliest manifestation of the disordersymptomsdistinct period of elevated expansive or irritable mood for 1 weekor any duration if hospitalization requiredsymptoms3 o
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