UGPH GU 10- Race, Racism, and Health

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Media, Culture & Communication
MCC-UE 1040
Danielle Ompad

Race a family trible people or nation belonging to the same stocka class or kind of people unified by shared interests habits or characteristicsRace is a social construct with biological consequenceshistorically and socially constructed and created by ow people are perceived and treated in the normal actions of everyday lifeDefinitions of race have changed over time1790 free white other free slave civilized indian1890 white black mulatto quadroon octaroon chinese japanese indian1997 american indianalaskan native asian black or african american native hawaiian or pacific islander whiteethnicity hispaniclatino non hispaniclatinoeven the definition of race is politicallooking at race can explain the population being studied and explain trendsdifferencesexplanations for disparities between races SES genes racismincome education etc explain some of the disparity but not allgenes matter but
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