COMM 2367H Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Innocent Drinks, Jetblue

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Persuasive Communication
Lecture Eleven
Digital Persuasion
Who is using digital persuasion?
Jetblue on twitter- creating relationships with clients on twitter
Innocent drinks- cute picture associations on twitter
Helps create relationships and engage you
Can get the people who follow you to market for you
Trying to get someone to go offline and do something
Who are we trying to persuade
Mainstreeter- low self monitor, they are online but only support things offline, reluctant to
support causes online
Minimalist- high self monitor, think they are influential, do not take their own action, support
when convenient, unemployed
Moderate- support online and then take action after support the cause online, ego involved,
believe that influences causes that are important to them, fairly educated
Maximizers- researches the issues and causes that they care about, support an average of 12
different causes, highest educated, both online and offline support, have ties abroad
Social Media Has
The opportunity to change attitudes
Ex. Elections, racial problems, immigration
Large demographic variability
All genders, ages, and races
Income provides and knowledge gap as those with less money are less likely to have social
media in their lives
Education is also skewed, those with more education use social media more
Data for outcome evaluation
Social counts interactions
Helps you know if what you are doing is successful
Why Use Digital Tools
Costs nothing
Spreads easier
More interactive
Allows for engagement
Allows for more peripheral cues
More fun/flashy
To Consider
find more resources at
find more resources at
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