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Lecture 11

ENGLISH 3271 Lecture 11: 11.3.2016

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Ohio State University
Lauren Squires

11.3.2016 Social Dialects • Language varieties that are defined not only by geography, but by some other social property -- community, race, class, first-language, or some combination of these • Examples o Standard American English o New York Puerto Rican English o AA English o Boston Brahmin o App. Eng. o Penn. Dutch Eng. o Chicano Eng. o London Multicultural Eng. o “Cockney” o “Inner-City” o “Working-class” African American English • One of the most well-studied dialects of English • Emerged among slaves in the South, spread with mobility of AA northward and westward, maintained within AA communities across the US -- but always changing, like all languages/dialects! • Spoken predominantly by AA -- but not all speakers are AA, and not all AA speak it o There is also regional variation o Social variations o Most speakers of AA are multi-dialectical and can code-switch depending upon context Some AAE phonological features • Consonant cluster simplification consonant deleted when both consonants have same voicing value • Interdental fricatives realized as alveolar stops or labiovelar fricatives • Final stop devoicing/glottalization Representing AAE phonology in writing • “The Real Question” poem by Paul Dunbar • “Story in Harlem Slang” by Zora Hurston • Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosely Some AAE mor
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