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Lecture 7

ENGLISH 4522 Lecture 7: Book II Canto vii

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Sarah Neville

Book II, canto vii Notes written by: Caitlin Stange Notes edited by: Summary (100-150 words max): Guyon, being separated from his Palmer, finds his way into a “gloomy glade” (II.vii.3), where he meets Mammon. Mammon invites Guyon into his underground lair. Mammon quickly proceeds to tempt Guyon (in a long seduction scene 40 stanzas long) over the course of three days. First, Mammon offers immense wealth; second, he offers marriage to his daughter, Philotime; and third, enticement with golden apples from the beautiful garden of Proserpina. Guyon declines all of Mammon’s offers, first stating “All that I need I have” (II.vii.39), then claiming he is already betrothed, and finally refusing to eat the golden apple. Having failed in his plot, Mammon returns Guyon to the surface. Without food, water, or rest for three days, the fresh air causes Guyon to faint. New characters introduced: • Mammon (Richesse), an “vncouth, saluage, and unciuile wight” (II.vii.3.4) who wears a rusty iron coat under an embroidered golden jacket. • Philotime, Mammon’s daughter, who rewards her followers with “Honour and dignitie” (II.vii.48.7) and sits on her throne in Hell in “glistring gl
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