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Lecture 4

HISTART 2001 Lecture 4: OSU [HISTART2001] Western Art 1 Lecture Notes: Archaic & Classical Greece

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History of Art
Karl Whittington

Kroisos, Archaic Greece, ca. 530 BCE -Doryphoros by Polykleitos, Roman Copy of Classical Greek Original, ca. 450-440 BCE Answer these questions: -How does a figure like the Kroisos both rely on and depart from the conventions of Egyptian sculpture? ● Similarities to Egyptian sculpture: ○ rigid/stoic pose ○ One foot forward/standing in an “unnatural” way ○ Arms down to side ○ Stiffness ○ Frontality- meant to be looked at from the front, not all the way around ● Differences to Egyptian sculpture: ○ Body not quite as realistic/idealized ○ Figure is more free-standing→ not still connected to much of a block of stone ○ Nude statue; not clothed -What was the actual function of statues like the Kroisos? ● Tomb statues; could be grave markers ● Could be given as an offering to a God -Describe the treatment of the human figure in the late Archaic and early Classical Greek art. What did the combination of idealization and naturalism allow Greek sculptors to express? ● Late Archaic: body form more geometrical; very symmetrical; rigid/stiff pose; seems like an attempt to be realistic but it’s not quite there ● Early Classical: body more realistic/not geometrical; more muscular; more “loose” pose, “Contrapposto” pose→ body weight is shifted to one side, with the weight leaning on one leg and a free leg, also an arm that is engaged in
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