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Lecture 2

HISTART 2002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Optical Illusion, Tempura

History of Art
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Shelton Andrew

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HIstart review
oEmphasis on education and expanding knowledge
How interests and artistic trends brought about by humanism?
oNaturalism- real world
oMore emphasis on creativity and originality
o3D instead of 2D
oappreciate human body
ologic and reasoning
how does the ethos of humanism
fresco- paint on wet plaster to make permanent works (massacio’s - tribute’s money)
3 narratives disrupt unity in tribute’s money
owhy is this painting important?
Linear perspective
Go towards viewpoint
3D space
gentile de fabriano painting- very dense, a lot of people
ogold hue
otempura- shiny texture
odoesn’t really have a light source
oeveryone looks flat
oless interaction, looks independent from each other
paradox of linear perspective
ocreate sense of reality in 3D space
ocreate optical illusion
oillusion of reality
ohow does this technique manifest the ethos of humanism?
Our world is 3D and looks more realistic and “humanistic” when it is all
What is Alberti’s (renaissance philosopher and architect) perception of a painting?
oMakes painting look like you’re looking through a open window through which
to see the painting
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