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Lecture 2

Week 2 Poultry Notes .pdf

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Animal Sciences
ANS 217

Meat Industry Contanatomy11713 153 PM MeatPost WWII o 1940s to 1950s Further advances in genetics nutrition and managementBy 1977 33 billionBy 2011 9 billion Todays industry o Highly specializedEmbraced technology and incorporated economics of a large scale facility o 3 distinct industries that do not mix Eggs meat turkeySome do share product or people but remain distinctHave their own breeding programs off the farm Hatchery each one has one that operates independently and hatches all the chicks Production methods All different in processing plants o Mostly due to automated systems and varying size o Vertical Integration the ownership of the entire company baby chicks finished productNo birds changing hands ever all owned by the big company but might have multiple facilities Ownership of product directly from industry to consumer Egg producer hatchery feed mill grower meat processing feed processing packaging and transportation all owned by the company Egg industry is the same way but they often dont have their own hatchery Majority of these processes are automatedo High technologyAutomation
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