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Lecture 3

KIN 131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Motor Skill, Motor Learning, Motor Control

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KIN 131
Jason Penry

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Motor behavior
Motor behavior (umbrella term)
The way movement occurs (motor)
Actions in a certain environment based on a stimulus (behavior)
Three branches
Motor learning
The study of how organisms acquire and refine a skill
Motor skill: an act or task that achieves (sport is a combo of many motor skills)
Goal oriented
Body or limb movement
Voluntary (not a reflex)
Developed through practice
Not a reflex
Learning: permanent or relatively permanent behavior
Failure is required
Motor development
The study of how motor patterns change across the lifespan
Motor control
The study of how organisms plan, generate, execute, and regulate movement
Why organisms not just humans?
Walking gait style is present in many animals
Dogs, cats, cockroaches, lobsters)
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