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Lecture 5

KIN 131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Physical Therapy, Athletic Training

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KIN 131
Jason Penry

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Pretherapy and allied health
What is PTAH
Athletic training, occupational and physical therapy, physical therapy aide, physicians
assistant, nursing
What does “adding the option” mean?
Prepare for admission to professional programs (either junior or senior year)
Kin 343/345 professional development
Kin 380 therapeutic modalities
Kin 385 therapeutic exercise
When can I apply
After completion of 90 credits
Cumulative 3.0 gpa
2.7 anatomy and physiology series gpa
Check with the schools to see what classes they require
Contact Emily Norcross
PTAH internship coordination
PTAH club
Study groups, IM teams, prepare for grad schools, jobs/internships/volunteer
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