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African Studies
AFR 110
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 03/13/13 Class 21 Experience Explanation – The cohabitation experience changes the people, or leads to marriages that may not have happened otherwise – Weaker foundation for the marriage Closing Points – Fun facts on cohabitation – Reasons people cohabit, survey stats, etc. – Ecological fallacy – How and why it affects marriage – Drifting vs. deciding – Engaged vs. others – Selection explanation – Experience explanation Marriage Readings: 1) How I predict divorce 2) Approach Avoidance Dance: Men, Women and Intimacy Part 1: Fun Facts (Heterosexual marriage in the US) – In the US we seem to like marriage: – About 90% of people will eventually get married – We get married for the first time at later ages than in the past Average: – Take the total number and divide by the number of items Median: –
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