BI SC 004 Lecture 21: BISC 004 Lecture 21

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7 Feb 2017

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BISC 004
Lecture 21
Tie it together
There are over 600 muscles in the human body
Muscles have important functions in relation to movement
Chemical signals are transmitted to stimulate muscle contraction
Terms to describe whole muscle contraction
Motor unit:
o A nerve fiber and all of the muscle fibers it stimulates
Muscle twitch:
o A single contraction lasting a fraction of a second
One sharp contraction
Can split up into 3 different stages/phases
o An increase in muscle contraction until the maximal sustained
contraction is reached
o Maximal sustained contraction
Muscle fibers cannot contract anymore
Maxed out
Many stimuli in the muscle, but:
No response
Muscle tone:
o A continuous, partial contraction of alternate muscle fibers causing
the muscle to look firm
What are the fuel sources for muscle contraction?
Stored in the muscle
o Glycogen
o Fat
In the blood
o Glucose
o Fatty acids
Acquiring ATP for muscle contraction
Creatine-phosphate pathway
o Simplest and most rapid way for muscle to produce ATP
o CP is only formed when muscles are resting
Only a small amount is stored
o One glucose molecule is broken down into pyruvic acid
o Occurs in the:
Presence of oxygen
Absence of oxygen
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