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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 9/11/12 Class 5 Frank Capra and Populist Cinema – Fanfare to the common man (music track) Frank Capra: Biography – Born in Sicily in 1897 – Moved to LosAngeles at age 6, naturalized citizen in 1920 after being in theArmy – Was a chemical engineer by training – Began in silent films and then worked for Mack Sennet before moving to Columbia Studio System in golden age of hollywood 1930s – Era from intro to sound till court cases broke up the system (1927-47) – Paramount and MGM were the dominant studios, with stables of actors and directors – It happened one night (movie) Hollywood Reaction to Economic Depression – Filmmakers didn't want to engage people in times of the depression, but stuff that took their mind off of the bad economic conditions – Warner Brothers: The Fantasy ofAffluence: Gold Diggers, 1933 – During the Golden Age, eight companies dominated the studio system – Fox, Loews, Paramount, RKO, and Warner Bros The Star System – The studios developed a system in which heavily marketed personalities or personae became the most valuable commodity Jimmy Stewart – An actor perfectly suited for Capra's everyman populist heroes – Born in Indiana, PAin 1908, b
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