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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 9/13/12 Class 6 Frank Capra Film – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington The extra ordinariness of the ordinary man Children and common sense – The kind of Rockwell-esque kids here know the truth that adults pretend not to see – This is a running theme throughout the film, that children are somehow closer to the truth than the adults Boy Scout Senator – Shows that Jeff Smith is a decent individual, who boyscouts and mothers adore – He appeals to the heart rather than to the head – It is about his education through the process Washington – Populated by ambitious cynical people, but Jeff seems immune, and blind to this element – Capra shows a sense of patriotism while taking the tour of the monuments throughout the Washington tour Saunders as Cynic – She is a fast talking easterner who is hardened from life in Washington – When they meet we know that she is already fed up with the government, and she doesn't want to work there any more Anti-Intellectualism – Being smart is opposed to being emotional and good – Capra pitched to the sentiments of the heart, not the intellect Susan Vs. Saunders – We know that Susan Paine, with her sophistication and elitist grammar, is clearly not right for Jeff – Jeff looks foolish around Susan Saunders moves from being smart to having heart – Saunders is not right for Jeff in the be
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