Class 13 - Nazi Documentary

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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 10/18/12 Class 13 Documentary Film and Cultural Memory Fictional Films – Grapes of wrath, Titanic,Amistad, Gangs of New York – Use history as a back drop – Characters “stand in” for people back then, how they felt, etc. Documentary – Vision of the past – Actual footage, music, images, testimonials – “Seeing is believing” – Ken Burns, closest thing we have to a national historian – His films stand in for a certain idea or concept in the past that he supports – JAZZ (on of his clips) Materials used – Ken Burns effect (pan and scan) – Music from the period – Film from the period – Biography as backbone – Narration (Keith Davidson) Ken Burns tells the same story – Follow a biographical, great man theory, structure – Each are a chance to speak to the uniqueness of theAmerican Experience Alain Resnais – French film maker – Work is engaged in understanding the past – Night and Fog documentary
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