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COMM 150
Matthew Jordan

Comm 150 10/11/12 Class 12 Hitchcock's Most Cinematic – Rear window is Hitchcock's most self reflective movie – Begins with a crane shot from a position that no person could occupy – Pans around LB Jeffries room to give the audience info about him – Jeff is a photographer of extraordinary events (car crashes, bomb tests, etc) – Diegetic or live sound is used from Jeffries perspective to capture the distance – Trapped in his plaster caccoon, he is transformed in the end Neighbors provide lures for the gaze – Miss Torso – Yoga girl – Ms. Hearing Aid – Musician – Play piano in the window – The couple with the dog – Toto dog gets killed by Mr. Thorwald – Miss Lonely Heart – Lady that is alone – Newlyweds – Thorwalds (guy is the criminal, his wife is sick in bed) – Singer – Stella – Nurse lady (Jeff's friend) that takes care of him Arace of peeping Toms – Why does Jeff look? – Is he missing something in his life? – Jeff wants a woman who is willing to “go anywhere, and do anything.” – Later Lisa (his girlfriend) becomes this woman Introducing Lisa – She enters from a dream, her whole face filling the screen in slow motion, and wakes Jeff with a kiss – She is the aggressor – Paralleling the Thorwalds across the way, Lisa and Je
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