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Pennsylvania State University
ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

LacanTuesday April 1 2014632 PMStudied Freud his entire lifeHegels MasterSlave dialectic A master is not a master without a slave There needs to be a recognition for him to claim his masterhood over the slave Essentially there must be some level of consentThe Mirror Stage The idea of the baby seeing itself in the mirror is that it gains a false idea of itselfit sees what it thinks is reality but it gains an inflated sense of self The mirror gives an ideal of wholeness yet this selfawareness is not fully recognized The mirror serves to confirm the existence of the baby even if not in full honestyThe Imaginary the real the symbolicoThe Imaginary Constituted by synthesis autonomy duality The imaginary stage is the stage where the self meets its image It is called so because it INVOLVES an image This deals directly with the story of the baby and the mirror The babys sense of self is the imaginary that connection of image and self and it introduces narcissism It also forms a sense of radical alienation the awareness of the self on this side versus the self in the mirror One knows it is them but also that it is not and is incapable of d
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