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Homi Bhabha

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Pennsylvania State University
ENGL 200
Iyunolu Osagie

Homi BhabhaMonday April 7 2014906 AMThe Commitment to Theory In the name of progress the 19th century polarity of Orient and Occident in the name of progress unleashed the exclusionary imperialist ideologies of self and otherEssentially the idea of imperialism through the thought and theory instead of physical forceIn the language of international diplomacy there is a focus on AngloAmerican nationalism that express a neoimperialist disregard for the independence and autonomy of peoples and places in the third worldThere is a disproportionate influence of the west as a cultural formThe leaflet has an expository and organizational purpose the theory of ideology is embedded in political ideas and principles that inform the right to strikeI text cannot be defined by a political viewpoint rather by the history of formIdeological political differences are not founded on inherent epistemological differencesHistorical truth is revealed through taking things out of their assigned categories and creating a negotiation between the two previous terms via theoryThere is a distinct differences between political ideasobjectives and their means of representation And action and what they mean for historyThere should not be a separation of gender and class It
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