EGEE 102 Lesson 1

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Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering
EGEE 102
Sarma V.Pisupati

SIx Basic Forms of EnergyAll forms of energy measure the ability of an object or system to do work on another object or systemMechanical EnergyKineticenergy that a body possesses by way of motionex baseball player pitching plow being pulled by a tractor hammer that is pounding nailsUS uses 13 of our total energy for the transportation and movement of people and goodsMechanical EnergyPotentialenergy that a body has by way of its position relative to a reference pointEx pendulum bow used in archery spring hammer raised in prep to pound nailsChemical Energyenergy locked in the bonds of molecules in the form of potential energythis energy exists bc of the electric and magnetic forces of attraction exerted between the different parts of each moleculesame attractive force involved in thermal vibrationsmolecular parts get rearranged in the chemical reactions releasing or adding to this potential energyEx battery burning wood glucose in the bodyapproximately 85 of the energy used in the US comes from fossil fuels like coal oil and natural gas
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