HIST 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Cuban Missile Crisis, Fulgencio Batista, Nikita Khrushchev

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7 Feb 2017

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JFK adopted aggressive foreign policy to counter his image back home but led to Cuba and his eventual
Had been an ally since the Spanish-American revolution
US sugar lobby had payed a lot into Cuba (reason why they went to war with Spain etc.)
Sugar lo is the hole reaso h theres so uh sugar i literall eerthig i Aeria toda,
its the fruit of their suess i earlier ears high frutose or srup
Fulgencio Batista:
He was a thug but anti-communist so America was fine with him
Not fun to live under him unless you were part of his little regime
America (JFK) sort of agreed that they messed up by supporting Batista
When Castros took over, US got worried about having a communist country so close by
This was very alarming = to politics and public
Worries arose about soviet invasion
Bay of pigs:
Had happened too late because Castro had taken up a lot of influence by the time they got in
Keeds freedo fighters ere tortured, jailed et. huge istake
JFKs critics said it failed because Keed as too oug ad ieperieed, if hed just
guaranteed air cover for the troops, they could have won
The entire point for not having air cover was to make it seem like they had no idea why the Cuban
rebels attacked
Castro during this time:
Worried that next time US tried this, they were going to send in the full-on US military and they
ouldt e ale to stad up to the the et tie
So what he did was to respond rationally: moved closer with alliance to USSR.
Wanted to keep the US scared because of their alliance with the soviets
Another form of foreign policy being a self-fulfilling prophecy: treat them like theyre a global
communist threat the thell at like it
Cuban economy ends up on subsidies from soviets military too
he realized he needs a nuclear deterrent so he strikes a deal with the kremlin and Khrushchev for
the soviets to send missiles to Cuba as long as the soviets got to control the arsenal but the
weapons be present in Cuba
oe the ere i plae, US ouldt attak ithout startig WW
Russia gets an ally, helped them save face for thawing relationship with the US
Soviet hardliners not okay with either countries trying to warm the relationships
Khrushchev got i ith the hardliers this a  saig he ast thaig relatios eause he
had just put nucs in Cuba
Soviets saw this as getting revenge for something that happened a decade earlier: Truman going
to congress to contain soviet expansion by going into places like Greece and Turkey so they put
nucs in Turkey (this was Aerias version of putting nucs in Cuba)
Russia saw this as act of provocation so they put missiles in Cuba years later
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