Lesson 4

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Pennsylvania State University
PHIL 119
Shaeeda Mensah

Lesson 4 Kant Part IIFriday September 19 2014115 PMWhat is good in all circumstances Goodness is not derived from the results the goodwill intended Even if an action of goodness fails the intentions being still good ARE good and goodness is still inherent therein It is the WILL involved that makes it good or badA willing creature is one that acts from its own ideal of law its principlesA will is good if it acts in accordance of reason Our moral standard comes FROM reason We are inclined to act away from reason thanks to passions and instincts Moral actions are ones done regardless of inclination reason and duty are the moral high roadoInclination and selfinterest cannot be the source of good natureAn act has worth insofar as it is done from duty so even if an inclination of selfinterest pervades the desire that happens to fall in line with duty it is s
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