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Stacy Silver

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Soc 030 02/20/13 Class 16 Where did hooking up come from? – The Hippies – “Renolas” – The hippies started a lot of movements, and asked questions about sex, clothing styles, and other social roles / expectations – “Just because everyone else has always done it this way, doesn't mean we have to follow it.” – Hippies occupied the presidents office at Penn State during the 60s to protest stuff Public Explanations – Look at the context / environment – Home – Neighborhood / community – Nation / globe Private Explanation – Focuses on an individual's personality – What we mostly do – Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation – Intrinsic: the person does it because they personally want to – Extrinsic: the person does it because everyone else is doing it Private Explanations for hooking up – Anything that refers to characteristics of the person – Low confidence (confirm that you are attractive) – Explore their sexuality – Want satisfaction: sexual – Attracted to each o
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