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SOC 030
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 02/25/13 Class 18 Why women don't hook up – Have boyfriend / husband – Degrading / disrespectful – Religion / morals – Want relationship – Don't want to be a slut – Not fun or classy – Don't trust guys – Not everyone can put their hands in the cookie jar – Not interested in playing the field Why Men Don't Hook Up – Have girlfriend – Unpaid prostitution – Disgusting – Want meaning – Religion / Morals – Want a relationship – Don't like easy girls – No time – Not opportunity – Drama afterwards – Contributes to STDs Similar Motives – Wanting a relationship – Wanting meaningful contact – Because of religious beliefs – Doesn't make them happy Scripts tell us how we might feel about the situation 1) Feeling Guilty: “Then I take the walk of shame at 10AM.As people are going to class, I'm walking in heels and a dress completely hung over.” 2) Feeling Judged / Judging: The double standard of sex 1. Asystem, code or standard applied unevenly; a moral code stricter for women than for men. 2. When the guy has a lot of hook ups, he is cool and popular, if a girl hooks up too much she is a slut 3. Double standard is between women and men England and Thomas asked the question: – Ever think your hook up respected you less? – 51% women yes – 25% men yes – Do you ever respect your hook up less? – 27% women yes – 37% men yes Men's Bad Feelings After – Awkward
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