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SOC 030
Stacy Silver

Soc 030 04/15/13 Class 32 Announcements – SRTE's available – Attendance is not included in angel yet – Check grades and attendance – Last day to submit EC is 4/19 at midnight – Last day to discuss attendance or grade issues is 4/26 – Exam 3 is 4/29 at 4:40 in our classroom Divorce Culture – People think about divorce because its common because they want to avoid it Ecological Fallacy: You can't predict a statistic for an individual by the statistical population's average Part 2 – What happens in divorce – What are characteristics that make families unique? – Beliefs – Earnings and education – Family structure (heterosexual, polygamous, etc) – Parenting style – Geographic area – Conflicts with parents Divorce is a process – Its like taking a road trip – Can either be in an escalade or in a ford fiesta with no seat belts during July with no a/c and no openable windows – Escalade experience:
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