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Human Development Notes

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2/27 Chapter 21: Human Development Determination  and myoD • Determination: process that leads to observable differentiation of a cell; progressive restriction of cell fate (very first division restricts fate) o Can’t see what it is until it actually differentiates o Involves expression of tissue-specific proteins o How does this happen? o myoD Story  Specific to skeletal muscle  A transcription factor  Once it is expressed, fate is determined  Stimulates transcription of other muscle-specific transcription factors  These activate muscle-protein genes (actin, myosin)  If myoD isn’t expressed, none of the other things can happen 2/27  Thus, it is a master regulatory gene Pattern Formation • Establishment of precise spatial relationships between parts during development • Axis Specification o Occurs via maternal effect genes (a.k.a. egg polarity genes) o Eg. Bicoid gene (“two heads”)  Necessary for the proper anterior
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