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Recrystallization Experimental Results Discussion Notes

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CHEM 0310
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Experimental The crude benzoic acid attained from the previous lab was weighed A small portion of the crude solid was set aside to use for melting point determination the remaining amount was placed into a 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask and 200 mL of water along with a few bowling stones was added 250 mL round bottom flask the water was brought to a boil using a heating mantle as shown in Figure 1The boiling water was slowly added to the crystals The solution was then filtered via hot gravity filtration as shown in figure 2The filtrate was then removed and cooled in the hood the crystals were collected by vacuum filtration and their mass was recorded Samples of both crude and pure crystal samples were placed in separate capillary tubes samples were placed in the MeltTemp as shown in figure 3 A fast run was first conducted followed by slow accurate run for both samples The ranges for the melting points were recordedResultsThe starting mass of crude benzoic acid was found to be 625 g When the solution was filtrated the filtrate was observed to be slightly pink in color and crystals begin the form almost immediately after filtration began As the filtrate was placed in the hood more crystals began to form The massive of pure benzoic acid crystals obtained was 283 g The percent composition of b
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