GSWS 0550 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Genderqueer, Oedipus Complex

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GSWS 0550
Lecture 10 2.7.17
Purity and Pollution Sex as a Moral Discourse Nancy Fischer
The Pro-Family Movement Tina Fetner
Anywhere outside of US no one loves/hates breasts as much as the US does.
What counts as erotic?
o If you don’t show ankle, then ankles are like WHOA
o Difference between erotic and maternal
Movements towards acts and identities
o Homosexual couples are questioned for sodomy, whereas heterosexuals
are not.
Homosexual “has become species”
o Acts before 1850 didn’t make someone homosexual
o Acts post 1850 gives them the identity “homosexual”
Slut / Pervert
o Anyone can do something promiscuous, but these terms are coined as a
fixed identity.
Why do people judge others as morally corrupt when the sex they are having is
o People identify other with terms to reflect on themselves as being better /
more superior / purer. (Defining the self through the other).
o Using it to justify the subordination of other groups.
o Sex workers in our society treated poorly, shamed (unequal treatment).
Symptom of American dualistic thinking
o There’s an in group and out group – right vs wrong.
o Culturally uncomfortable with “gray area.”
Biracialism, intersex, trans (specifically non-binary), bisexual
Sex breaks down the binaries.
o Sexuality will make people anxious .
o What counts as polluted / pure / “contaminant”
Late 1800s
o White upper class parents: morally superior to immigrants
Believed their children would be corrupted by the lower class, etc.
o states that this in an “illusion.”
o Participated in violence
Who labels who as morally corrupt?
o Dominant labels subordinate.
o Pg. 519: High schools the popular groups define less popular groups,
even if the popular group is doing the same sexual activity of the less
popular group.
o Always returns to race and class.
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