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Lecture 6

MUSIC 0711 Lecture 6: Women in Jazz

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University of Pittsburgh
MUSIC 0711
Doretta Whalen

Women in Jazz  Downbeat Magazine – leading jazz publication o In December featured a woman on the conver, usually feature men Downbeat Readers Poll, 2016  Sharel Cassity  Ingrid Jensen  Anat Cohen  Jane Ira Bloom  Jane Bunnett  Tia fuller  Grace Kelley  Melissa Aldana  Claire Daly Women in Jazz/ Style Bessie Smith – Blues Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Gospel/Rock n’ Roll Lil Hardin – New Orleans/Swing Mary Lou Williams - everything Terri Lyne Carrington – Current Bessie Smith  April 15, 1894, Chattanooga, TN  St. Louis Blues, film feature Bessie Smith (1894-1937)  Bessie, film written and directed by Dee Rees (2015)  Backwater Blues, Bessie Smith o Improvisation because she didn’t know the song Lil Hardin  Started playing the family organ at 6 years old  Got a job in Chicago in a music store – became familiar with lots of music  Jelly Roll Morton came in and played the piano o Had a great influence on her o Tried to play just as hard as Jelly Roll played (heavy playing)  Started playing for cabarets around Chicago  King Joe Oliver asked her to join his band o Met Freddie Keppard in the band  Travelled with band for 6 months o Then Louis Armstrong joined the band  Wasn’t much of a fan of him at first  Playing at Royal Garden in Chicago o White musicians would come and listen o Was in her own world  Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra (1936-1940)  If it weren’t for Lil, Louis Armstrong wouldn
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