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Lecture 8

NROSCI 0081 Lecture 8: Neuroanatomy Part 2

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April Dukes

Lecture 8 12317 Neuroanatomy Day 2 Exam 1 on Friday TopHat not graded on correctness completion by exam Central Nervous System Spinal cord o Dorsal root ganglia cell bodies of the sensory neurons o White matter myelinated axon tracts o Gray matter cell bodies and dendrites o Dorsal horn grey matter that receives several types of sensory information from the body afferent o Ventral horn grey matter that contains motor neurons Efferent o SAME DAVE Sensory Afferent Motor Efferent Dorsal Afferent Ventral Efferent o Short neurons within the spinal cord are called interneurons Relay information to other neurons in the spinal cord Make up the gray matter o Reflex Arc Reacts to information quickly without relying on brain for information Interneuron sends information from afferent neuron to efferent neuron Spinal cord damage Reflex ability depends on the type of reflex o What is the circuitry? Was it part of the damage? o How much brain input that reflex have? Where the damage occurs o Reflexes above the damage are preserved o Reflexes between upper damage and T12 may be intact o If damage occurs to T12 L2 area, reflexes below this are often lost Spinal Shock o Brief period after spinal trauma during which spinal cord functions, including reflexes, are inhibited. Some recover Even though some reflexes might be intact, a loss of muscle tone makes them weaker and harder to see o In some cases, the reflex, normally inhibited by the brain, is locked on, so the muscle is always contracted o Do not worry about this for exam
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