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Lecture 20

PSY 0010 Lecture 20: Development

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PSY 0010
Jennifer Cousins

Development Harlow’s Monkeys  Secure attachment: o believes and trusts that his/her needs will be met o general state of being: secure, explorative, happy o mother’s responsiveness: quick, sensitive, consistent  Avoidance attachment: o Subconsciously believes that his/her needs probably wont be met o General state of being: not very explorative, emotionally distant o Mother’s responsiveness: distant, disengaged  Ambivalent attachment: o Cannot rely on his/her needs being met o General state of being: anxious, insecure, anfry o Mother’s responsiveness: inconsistent; sometimes sensitive, sometimes neglectful  Disorganized attachment: o Severely confused with no strategy to have his/her needs met o General state of mind: depressed, angry, completely passive, nonresponsive o Mother’s responsiveness: extreme, erratic, frightened or frightening, passive or intrusive Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Development Level Stage Definition Pre-conventional Obedience and punishment Based on avoiding punishment, a focus on the consequences of actions rather than intentions; intrinsic deference to authority Individualism and exchange The “right” behaviors are those that are in best interest of oneself; tit for tat mentality Conventional Interpersonal relationships “good boy/Good girl” attitude, sees individuals as filling social roles Authority and soci
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