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Internal Validity Notes

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10/1 Internal Validity Super Size Me • Critiques: three times a day was overkill, McDonald’s does not have variety, he decreased exercise in addition to eating poorly, he ate way more than he was previously eating • Can we get conclusions? o Just one person/example o We don’t have any kind of control Definition • To what extent does the independent variable account for differences in the dependent variable? • Control: what means are needed to ensure this? Threats to Internal Validity • History: events that occur outside the study that are experienced by participants and could influence results • Maturation: changes in each individual due to naturally occurring processes o Ex. measuring the success of therapy; most depression naturally decreases over time—you can’t conclude that it was entirely due to therapy o Older, stronger, wiser, more tired, more bored, any change over time • Testing: performance influenced by taking tests re
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