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Lecture 5

MTH 254 Lecture 5: 11.1 Vector Valued Functions

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MTH - Math
MTH 254

in 10 we loot at an eauatlan ot a line in have D where t is a parameter. it we add two vectors and Think of t ar owr ih put vanable,we get our inwHI we get a Vectom valved tuhation: un general, a vector-valued NPctor a twn Gtion ofthe torm The domain ot is The set of all t which hG i detined the range of r is the set ot all possible output vectors Y the graphi ot a vector-valued ftunction a otal indre of VC where the intial poiht is aewa nhi Ongin vectors are not slope inchaled in curve 2 t-S 13-t -1 graph of t vectors not inunched, v onur terminu points di placement d at form t to to t t is copy IpomSTC heeix ddoes not Tokea pith into consideromon) Toistage rato ot change. For to t describe-the po On ot a obiect at -the average vote ot change of Fay eh tihnet Lt it is Distance from the ti-t The object at any time t is simply the moon cle ot The vettur r.
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