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Botany & Plant Pathology
BTNY 11000
Peter Goldsbrough

BTNY 110, Fall 2012 1 Assignment 1 GENETICS PROBLEMS This assignment is worth 20 points. It is due at the end of lab during the week of November 5 (Nov 7-9). For Problems #1-3 the following information applies to the possible alleles Stature: Tall plant (T) is dominant over dwarf (t) Seed texture: round seed (R) is dominant over wrinkled seed (r) Flower color: Yellow flowers (Y) are dominant over white flowers (y) PROBLEM #1: MONOHYBRID CROSS a) A homozygous Tall plant (genotype_________) is pollinated by a b) homozygous dwarf plant (genotype__________). NOTE: The plant that does the pollinating is called the pollen parent. It is the male parent. It produces pollen that contains within it the sperm cell (male gamete). The plant that is pollinated is the female parent. It produces the egg cell (female gamete). c) What allele(s) will be carried by the eggs? d) By the sperm? e) What will be the genotype(s) of the F g1neration? f) What will be its phenotype(s)? g) If the 1 is self-pollinated, what will be the phenotype of the F 2eneration? h) What allele(s) were carried by the eggs of the parents of the F 2 i) What allele(s) were carried by the sperm of the parents of the F ?2 j) What is the phenotypic ratio of the F 2eneration? k) What is the genotypic ratio of the F 2eneration? BTNY 110, Fall 2012 2 Assignment 1 GENETICS PROBLEMS PROBLEM #2: MONOHYBRID CROSS A Yellow flowered plant is pollinated by a white flowered plant. About half of the progeny are Yellow and half are white p
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