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Lecture 2

11:709:364 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Sub-Saharan Africa, Food Security, Poverty Reduction

Nutritional Sciences
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COVID 19 and Nutrition: How COVID-19 is impacting public health
nutrition and food security globally and locally
Global Food Security
- 646 million food-insecure people globally in 2017
- Most affected regions:
o Sub-Saharan Africa (most affected), followed by Latin America,
the Caribbean, and Asia
- Why is it important?
o Food security will positively impact:
Economic growth and job creation
Poverty reduction
Trade opportunities
Increased global security and stability
Improved health and healthcare
- In 2017, the number of undernourished people is estimated to have
increased to 821 million around one out of every nine people in the
- Nearly 151 million children under five or over 22% - are affected
by stunting in 2017
- Wasting continues to affect over 50 million children under 5 in the
- 38 million children under 5 are overweight
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