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Lecture 1

01:713:202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Ingratiation, Problem Solving

Organizational Leadership
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Dr.Michelle Jefferson

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Lecture 1 - Chapter 1 Introduction
Leadership Described
1. Traits versus process
2. Assigned versus emergent
3. Power
4. Management
A. Trait vs. Process
Trait is something you have
Process is something you do
B. Assigned Leadership vs. Emergent Leadership
Assigned Leadership
Leadership based on occupying a position within an organization
RA/AA, Captain of your team, Manager
Emergent Leadership
An individual perceived by others as the most influential member of a group or
organization regardless of the individual’s title
Club President (may not be the most influential person)
Leaders can be both assigned and emergent
C. Leadership and Power
Power is the capacity or potential to influence others’ beliefs, attitudes & actions
6 types of power:
Referent - type of power you have because people Respect you
Priest, rabbi, coach
Expert - you have power because you know more than anyone in the group
Professor, mentor
Legitimate - position who has the authority to do certain things
Professor can make you take a test. Mom can make you wash dishes
Reward - power because you have something the other person wants
If you want an A in class you have to do certain things to get that
Coercive - the power to punish
Parents can punish you, therefore you do things she wants.
Information - you have information that others don’t (similar to expert power)
Access to:
Access to:
D. How to influence people effectively
Rational Persuasion
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