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Political Science
Professor Rossi

•Culture is glue that makes people united •Political Culture has a goal, meant to recognize or challenge authority, refers to the meanings attrivuted to politics. Acentral concern is the role of political culture in the transformation of power into authority or that challenges authority •culture places political systems in sets of meanings and purposes specifically in symbols, myths, beliefs, and values •Culture mostly translated through pop culture more and more time progresses history turns to myths and legends •culture socially constructed over time, 5 contributions to the concept of Culture •Culture acts as a Political Frame •is a structure of belief, starts at the bottom, but slowly becomes an offical trend •Culture ORDERS political priorites by defining symbolic and material objects people consider valuable and worth fighting for. *Cleaning out your closet and deciding to keep certain things that you might never wear again or see again, but not because •Culture defines interests and how they are pursued through community authority and conflict (politically) •Culture frames Group Preferences (By providing non-negotiable truths) •connects fate of individual with the group through collective identification and common fate. •Preferences decided mostly about where you are from, peer pressure, or your society identification • Culture creates an (Us/Them) understanding of the world, easier to say what you dont oppose then what you do. •Without having an other/ opposing view it's near impossible to actually define you. •Anders
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