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Politics and Culture notes

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Political Science
Professor Rossi

Politics & Culture 9/23 • What's the importance of the Renaissance? ◦ Cause or effect of Civic development • Does Civic engagement promote socio-economic development? ◦ Or the other way around? What does Putnam think? • What kind of trust are we talking about? ◦ Personal? Interpersonal?Inter-institutional? ◦ Whatever, we want to know where our money is going • How is collective opposition displayed? ◦ Organized protests or flash mobs? • How much do you care about the garbage not being collected and what do you do about it? • Continuation of Notes 2 ◦ Social Context and history profoundly condition the effectiveness of institutions by shaping the structure of norms and expectations ▪ & Changing formal institutions can change political and cultural practice ◦ Ok, but does that necessarily imply that culture & cultural perferences are only conditions by formal institutions, as Putnam would agree? ◦ & does that imply that what we see in institutional.... • The Sicilian Problem ◦ Authority relationships impinge on the pursuit of individual opportunity and social organization ◦ Attempts at imposing unitary political structures within an environment of “folk democracy” ▪ Politics remains local and compartmentalized ◦ The mafia functions as the first intercommunal organization ▪ Dual society between upper and lower class ▪ Mafia grows as a lower class phenomenon ▪ in healthy sysytem entrprenuers become first commerce of capitalism ▪ In south busniess was done through word of mouth, in North they used contracts • Trust is seen in south as making a verbal promise, North was through contracts ◦ Mafia ▪ At first was a seen as a safeguard for people when they had nowhere else to go. • Where is Social Trust? ◦ Is
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