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Professor Stephen Killianski

Personality Theories and Perspectives (September 10) 1. Personality 1. unique set of consistent emotional, cognitive, and behavioral tendencies 2. Underlying Structure of Personality 1. 5-factor model 1. Agreeableness 2. Conscientiousness 3. Openness to Experience 4. Extraversion (Positive Emotionally) 5. Neuroticism (Negative Emotionally) 2. Factor Analysis 1. objective consistent analysis states that 5-factor model is the optimum solution 3. Sigmund Freud 1. Figured out that the mind was experiencing physiological ailments, but didn't know why 2. Assumes that primary force that drives people's minds are experiences 3. Personality developed and set as a child 4. Freudian Theory 1. Id: present at birth; unconscious urges, motives, and drives; pleasure principle (Devil) 1. Libido: sexual life energy that drives the id 2. Thanatos: self destructive death instinct of the id; aggression 2. Ego: rational thought; controls and channels id; follows reality principle (Mediator) 3. Superego: exceptionally severe form on conscious; idea that we do nothing wrong a
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