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Lecture 1

01:830:321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences, Social Influence, Sport Utility Vehicle

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Social Influence Part 1
Compliance: changes in behavior that are elicited by direct requests
Ex: don’t walk on the white squares
The Language of Request:
Talking fast and catching people off guard
People can be disarmed by the simple phasing of the request
Langer: responding mindlessly to words without fully processing the information that’s trying to be conveyed
Norm of Reciprocity:
Dictates that we treat others as they have treated us
Leads us to feel obligated to repay for acts of kindness, even when unsolicited
Norm of reciprocity is short-lived
Sequential Request Strategies: Foot in the Door Technique:
Begins with a very small request, secures the agreement and then makes a separate larger request
Effective because of the Self-perception theory and consistency
Ex: Sam is completing a science project, which requires him to design and create a model of the
solar system. He asks his mother, Nora, to help him create a design for his project. Nora draws a
sketch and gathers the supplies for Sam. Sam then asks his mother to help him glue the pieces
together, which she does. In the end, Nora ends up constructing the entire science project with little
help from Sam
Sequential Request Strategies: Low Balling:
Person secures agreement with a request and then increases the size of that request by revealing hidden
Initially offered at a lower price to get commitment but then price is suddenly increased
Effective because its a psychology of commitment and sense of obligation to salesperson
Ex: She is initially offered a new SUV for $14,000. She believes that this is a steal, so she agrees
to buy it. The sales manager goes into his office to gather the paperwork. When he comes back, he
informs Susan that the SUV is actually $16,000, not $14,000 as she was told. The increase in price
is due to several upgrades that the car company has installed
Sequential Request Strategies: Door in the Face Technique
Person begins with a very large request that will be rejected then follows that with a more moderate request
Ex: When you open your door, Jim first asks you to donate $100 to support the charity. Because
you do not have $100 to spare, you say no, though you feel guilty about doing so. Jim looks slightly
disappointed, but suggests that you make a $5 contribution instead. You agree to this amount,
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