ENS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Evidence-Based Practice, Information Literacy, Contact Sport

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Published on 4 Dec 2018
Manuscript: includes everything about a research that is going to be published
Step 6 Cont: Interpret, draw conclusions and share
Publish to scientific journals
Select journal by research area and concentration
Some journals are more prestigious than others
Every journal has its own manuscript specifications: different formatting
Manuscript submission
Submission instructions and templates provided on journal websites
Committee of experts in the field
Review details of research to ensure its validity
Accepted or rejected for publication
Members of that research community will read
Practice assessment
The effects of of an intervention are measured in a descriptive study
Which of the following study designs would be most appropriate to measure the effects
of protein intake on power in contact sport performances?
Experimental study
Manuscript=a full research report that is submitted to a peer review committee for
Protocol=a proposal to conduct a study that outlines the major aims and study design
elements, sent to potential people who give grants
Evaluation of research
Reinforce and extend understanding of literature search and review process
Introduce questionable business practices that are used to sell exercise and
nutrition products
Information literacy
Introduce strategies to evaluate
Research evaluation
Research springboard
Creates new research
Evidence based practice
Reliable sources of research and scientific information
Translate scientific evidence to practical applications that promote health. Fitness
sport or rehab
Questionable sources of information
Translating scientific evidence to promote commercial interest in health, fitness,
sport or rehab industries
Trade associations
Food and ingredient companies
Sources of miss-information
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