ENS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Randomized Controlled Trial, Scientific Method, Linear Regression

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Published on 4 Dec 2018
ENS 200
Spring 2019
Major prep priorities-schedule and registration
14-16 units
Int. comp
Chem 200
Bio 203
Assist,org courses at community at college
Week 2: finding and reviewing literature
It is unethical for university professors to accept gov grants to conduct scientific research
Biomechanics reasearch_____ (answer that makes it false)
Exclusively measures variables related to sport performances
In-season shoulder injuries in adolescent baseball pitchers were predictable based on
Pre-season shoulder range of motion
Univ professors author most of the articles that are published in popular magazines
They author peer reviewed articles
Which section of a full original research article describes the data with test and figures
Step 4 of the scientific method
Design and conduct a study to test a research hypothesis
Study design is based on the study aim
Acute vs chronic
Broadest categorizations of research design
Causal (analytical, descrimitive to come to something conclusive)
Do you think that the aim of our fake study is descriptive or causal?
Study Designs (4)
Aim is to measure quality
Mesures effects of treatment/intervention
Cold standard of experimental designs:
Randomized controlled trial
placebo/control group
Random assignment of group
Requires fewer subject that other trials
Repeated measures crossover
Measures things as they exist naturally
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