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HUM 101 Lecture 1: hum notes 1

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HUM 101

Humanities 101 – Homer’s world notes Homer’s world – the world that he is describing The poem is written almost 3,000 years ago but the world he’s describing is about 400/500 years older - The world he is describing is not necessarily the world he is living in, different customs and concepts The world: - No organization/hierarchy - Basileus: a person who rules over a group of people, they owe military service to him - Women in these families have little status, other outside women have virtually no status - City: polis – derives from politics • The climate of polis is like southern California, warm days but does not get super hot - Sons in society are very important, they have class status – comes from his father Odisius: really good at war, shorter, broad/thick, great wrestler, really good at thinking, smart, very clever, natural leader, possess arete Arete: greek quality, means excellence. Physically if you possess arete you are strong, he’s dangerous. Mentally – you have to have the ability to find/s
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