Circulatory System Ch.8

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BIOL 100
Murdock, Heather

BIOLOGY 100: Human Biology Fundamentals of Human Biology and Health Heather Murdock Chapter 8: Circulatory System  5 Other Systems that needs the Circulatory System 1. Digestive System i. Nutrients are delivered into the blood stream after eating food. Particles that can’t be digested becomes human waste (solid). 2. Respiratory System i. Exchange CO2 for oxygen. The body needed oxygen to function. 3. Urinary System i. Purifies red blood cells in the kidney and dispose waste, like ammonia, into human waste (liquid). Hormones in kidney monitors blood levels. 4. Lymphatic System i. Blood cells also carry platelets for blood clotting. The circulatory system delivers protein and leukocyte when the immune system needs it.  What’s in Your Blood Stream? (NOT being tested on percentage) 1. 55% are plasma (plasma is made of 90% water) 2. 45% are red blood cells (AKA erythrocytes; 95%), platelets (5.8%) and white blood cells (0.2%)  Iron helps function red blood cells to carry oxygen.  Blood Clotting 1. Good for healing injury (like paper cuts) 2. Bad if there’s an accumulation of lipids/fats 3. Needs Calcium & Vitamin K to function enzymes involves blood clotting 4. Fibrinogen is a protein that creates a webby pattern to trap the blood from flowing  fibrin web dries up  becomes a scab  phagocytes clean up debris 5. Damaged vessels  becomes bruises 6. Embolism when blood moves to another part of the body. If blood moves to the brain  stroke  Blood Vessels 1. Arteries= Blood moving AWAY from the he
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