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San Francisco State University
HIST 450
Anthony Russel Swanson

Nick Seibel October 25 history notes The Progressives 1890-1920 introduction us and calofornia have interests in additional direct democracy – but educated wealthyAmericans think they best leaders, not working class – Governor Hiram Johnson 1911-1917 example of progressives – He vice presidential candidate for therodore roosevelt and bull moose progressive party in 1912 US Colony of the phillipines 1898-1946 – Gained during Spanish American War 1898 – Not a foreign country – Filipinos not given full citizenship rights – new cheap immigrant laborers William Randolph Hearst -Started SpanishAmerican War 1898 – California and other newspapers – Started large ranch at san simeon “Hearst Castle 1919-1951 Never Finished – – Southern Pactific Railroad power finally reduced – 1. LA Free Harbo League resist plans ofr spite town port at santa monica , san pedro instead – US government force loans to be repaid – Stanford and Huntington fight reveal railroad corruption – Stanford killed by Huntington letters in 1893 – – Dear Pard Letters reveal more corruption – But 1906 Shame of California Railroad practically hosted Republican State – Convention at Santa Cruz, still trying to lobby and influence politicians – Still a corrupting influence until 1920 Labor Issues – California Labor Bureau established 1993, not always enforce 8 hour workday law – 1880 Many union organize in San Francisco (population 300000_ – 1991 Waterfront Strike by – Merchant Marine Sailors – Longshoreman – Teamsters – Sometimes create political parties Union Labor Party San Francisco – Some women allowed to join unins and women struck – Waitresses 1901 – Laundry workers 1907 – Ghiradelli Chocolate factory employees – Tele operators 1919 But many unions were racists – Great migration from south 1900-1920 – Allenworth CAnear Bakersfield 1908 – San Francisco equals labor success and closed shop Reform also to end cor
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