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Lecture 9

HIST 2312 Lecture 9: What the Ancients Did For Us - The Chinese History Lecture Notes

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HIST 2312
Brooke Franks

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What the Ancients Did For Us: The Chinese History Documentary
1. How are Chinese society and culture portrayed and critiqued?
Coleman portrays the Chinese culture as the oldest and the center of the universe in the
documentary. According to the film, the ancient Chinese had a great impact on the world. The
film portrays the Chinese as artistic and creativity people (Coleman n.p.). The impacts of the
inventions made by the ancient Chinese exist today. The Chinese society used traditional
equipment to create remarkable tools that people use today. They used calligraphy to write and
traditional apparatus such as bells to measure length and weight (Coleman n.p.). The Chinese
society values arts such as drawing, carvings, and poetry. Despite making numerous inventions,
the ancient Chinese did not use sophisticated technology. In addition, the Chinese do not relate
the innovations and inventions to specific individuals. They utilized their skills and creativity to
benefit the whole society.
2. What do you find persuasive about the video's presentation?
The director of the video used various techniques to make it appealing and persuasive to the
viewers. I found the in-depth explanations to be a persuasive feature of the video. Instead of
stating the impact that the ancient Chinese had on the world, the director gives a detailed
explanation of their inventions. Besides the explanations, he illustrates the ways that the Chinese
operated the traditional tools. I found the illustrations to be persuasive and helpful in
understanding various concepts in the video.
3. What criticism might you offer of it?
Indeed, the cinematographer and the director of the video use various techniques to illustrate
effectively the ancient Chinese’s inventions. However, they take much time explaining and
illustrating the inventions. Viewers are likely to lose focus or forget the topic of discussion due
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