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Lecture 9

HIST 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Eleanor Roosevelt, Terrano (Grape), RehearsalPremium

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Dr. New Deal becomes Dr. Win the War
Winston Churchill
o Anti-communist
o Wants U.S. to come into the war
o Pearl Harbor
o Land Lease Program
Passed in March 1941
Authorized president to sell/lease/give away land to anyone that is seen to
help the U.S.
Extends to the Soviet Union
Dec. 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor is attacked
Brings U.S. into the war
FDR- this is a day that will live in infamy.
FDR cannot afford a two-front war
Worried about Germany
o Blames Pearl Harbor on Germany
Germany declares war on U.S. in December 11th 1941
o Hitler
Did not have a high-regard for Americans
Discounted the American ability to wage war
World War II
o Ends depression
o Brings lots of employment
o Boosts U.S. moral
Office of Civilian Defense and Board
o Propaganda agencies
“good war”
Move toward getting Americans accustomed to the notions of sacrifice,
rationing, and equality working
“Hitler smiles when you waste miles”
Corporations/Big Businesses made a lot of money
Internment Camps
o Concentration camps
o Horrible brutality
o 9066
Internment of people seen as security Risk
120,000 Japanese/Japanese-Americans sent to these camps
o Replicate American Life as much as possible
o “This is a great mistake; we must get people out of these relocation centers”
Eleanor Roosevelt
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