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Lecture 9

HIST 110 Lecture 9: History110 Note7

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HIST 110

find more resources at Dr. New Deal becomes Dr. Win the War  Winston Churchill o Anti-communist o Wants U.S. to come into the war o Pearl Harbor o Land Lease Program  Passed in March 1941  Authorized president to sell/lease/give away land to anyone that is seen to help the U.S.  Extends to the Soviet Union  Dec. 7 1941, Pearl Harbor is attacked  Brings U.S. into the war  FDR- this is a day that will live in infamy.  FDR cannot afford a two-front war  Worried about Germany o Blames Pearl Harbor on Germany th  Germany declares war on U.S. in December 11 1941 o Hitler  Did not have a high-regard for Americans  Discounted the American ability to wage war  World War II o Ends depression o Brings lots of employment o Boosts U.S. moral  Office of Civilian Defense and Board o Propaganda agencies  “good war”  Move toward getting Americans accustomed to the notions of sacrifice, rationing, and equality working  “Hitler smiles when you waste miles”  Corporations/Big Businesses made a lot of money  Internment Camps o Concentration camps o Horrible brutality o 9066  Internment of people seen as security Risk  1942  120,000 Japanese/Japanese-Americans sent to these camps o Replic
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